For 50 Years, Golden Triangle Has Saved Family Photo Memories

Golden Triangle Photo Lab preserves memories

In 1953, Samuel Sellers, Sr. opened Golden Triangle as a retail camera store and photo lab. In later years, he expanded to five locations in Tampa. Samuel (Sam) Sellers, Jr. bought the family business, broadened its scope to offering film/video transfers, trial exhibit services, photo restorations and corporate headshots in his portrait studio. In 2017, Kelly Winterling, who was like a daughter to Sellers, joined the company and eventually purchased the business.

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Winterling explains how the store has evolved: “Our mission is to help families archive life’s memories to ensure they will be remembered and treasured over time. Memories are captured on many different mediums that change and evolve with time. We help families organize, consolidate and archive all their memories, from printed photos, to tapes, to slides, to film to digital photos and videos.” 

In 2022, Golden Triangle moved from their South Tampa location to the Garcia Vega Cigar Factory (and office suites) on Armenia, where they have continued to serve customers for 70 years. Today, the company focuses on digitalization; creation of photo books and legacy videos; photo restoration, colorization, scanning and printing; corporate headshots and passport photos.