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As fashion hotly pursues long-ignored 50+ women, thanks to increasing social status and purchasing power, let’s not forget a few trusted looks - beyond trends - that never go out of style.

Female fashion fans. Feminists chide them for dressing for men and sustaining cultural vanity, minimalists scold them for perpetuating a wasteful, materialist world and Tiger Moms ream them for dangerously digressing in development – cultivating sex appeal rather than self-reliance and intellectual pursuits. But fashion lovers privy to a brand of punishment all their own have long been women over 50 – whose knack for an evolved personal style is often ignored by clothing designs based on obsolete stereotypes. Lines aimed at 50+ females often consist of flat shoes and baggy, shapeless garments, that play up nothing but their age and greatly limit their fashion options in a way that seems neither fair nor reflective of real world consumers.

As women over 50 gain more social status and purchasing power in the modern world, fashion industry leaders may finally be awakening to their wealthiest potential market, women who do indeed still seek fashion as an expression of their dynamic, vibrant personalities and lifestyles. Women who live longer, travel and stay fit for decades more than ever before, want to do so in clothes that are individual, interesting and reasonably priced. While the industry plays catch-up to a shifting cultural dynamic, here’s our take on three timeless trends that serve women of any age – our favorite trusted methods of personal expression that truly never go out of style.

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1Statement jewelry. Maybe it’s the wisdom or the life experience, but 50+ women are often refreshingly genuine and at ease. Less concerned with others’ opinions and more sure of who they are, self-expression comes naturally – and fashion’s one of many avenues to share it. To express the confident, unique you try out some bright and bold statement jewelry. If you’ve worn it before, step out of your comfort zone and select a piece you’d usually consider too bold – then balance it with a neutral solid shirt. With your jewelry’s fun color and shape, you’re sure to feel your brightest you.


Forever Fashion 22Well-tailored suits (and everything else). Hailed by the Wall Street Journal as the secret of well-dressed women, tailoring is an art. A good tailor can alter a suit, dress or pair of pants to accentuate your best physical assets as well as your confidence – because no clothing makes you feel as good as a piece that fits perfectly. Prone to balk at the expense? Consider it an application of “quality over quantity” – having a piece tailored may mean you’ll want to wear it all your life.



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3Attitude. In spite of fashion’s failures, most of the best-dressed females on the planet are the more experienced ones. They understand what works for them and what flatters them after decades of experimenting and evolving with their changing shape and their outlook. Because what truly makes a style unique – above and beyond trends – is an attitude of transcendence. A freedom to laugh and love and live life on your terms – now that’s just plain sexy.


What are your fashion secrets? Share them in the comments section below! 


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