From the Editor: A Thankful Month

Thankful with seasonal gords

By Rebecca Fending 

According to many news reports, Hurricane Ian was the deadliest storm Florida has seen since 1935. For most of us, Ian showed mercy in passing over our homes. We received wind and rain, but nothing like the damage done to our Lee County friends. 

With the damage done and intensive cleanup well underway, it seems that this month is truly the month of giving thanks. Sometimes November rolls around, and it just doesn’t feel like it should be here, or not yet, anyway. Other times, like now, it’s exciting to know that we have the rest of fall to go and the winter ahead. And with that, the holiday season! 

For some, the holidays ahead may look a little different. Perhaps you’ll be celebrating at a relative’s house instead of your own, or you’ll be in the midst of reconstructive efforts to restore your home after Ian. Or, maybe you’ll just be trying a new holiday recipe. No matter how you plan to celebrate, it’s never too soon to start.   

Beautiful fresh cut floral arrangement sitting near an open window

I’ve always been one to decorate for fall way too early. And I know that I just told you, “it’s never too soon to start” celebrating, but this year, I really did have to talk myself down from putting up my earth-toned, apple-spiced décor on September 1. Instead, I rode out the plain summer and decorated with fresh-cut flowers, open windows and a bit of sun. That saw me through to September 15. Then the fall-themed dish towels made their debut, soon followed by warm, spicy scented candles. I couldn’t wait! I was thankful for the cooler weather and for the rest of the year ahead.

Warm spicy scented candles

On the topic of gratitude, I would also like to give thanks to all of you, our readers. For the past (nearly) three years, I have loved writing and editing for each of you. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and curating editorial content to keep you engaged with Lifestyles. From reading and enjoying beautiful art submitted for our monthly Creative Corner segment to hearing about local causes and volunteering opportunities that motivate us to be better neighbors, I couldn’t have asked to have been a part of a better publication.

That being said, this is my final sign-off. I have accepted a new position with a different organization, which forces me to minimize my involvement with Lifestyles. You may still see articles with my byline or see my writing slowly phased out with a new editor. Whatever the future holds, thank you.

Have a wonderful November, and stay safe.