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Sunday, October 20, 2019
Welcome to Lifestyles After 50’s Fun Fest event page.  We are a Florida based publication that provides adults over 50 with great information on health and wellness, retirement living, travel, finance and more.
Our Fun Fest events keep you connected to the best local products, services and entertainment in your community.
Last year more than 150,000 active “over 50” residents attended Lifestyles After 50 Fun Fest events.
Join us at our next Fun Fest Event and get connected with our magazine today!





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  1. Hi, I attended the event on June 20 in Brandon, FL. There was a booth there for a Dermatologists, she was doing skin checks. I lost her information and was wondering if I can get the contact information from you. I want to make an appointment with them.

    • Hi Mary. It is my understanding that our Publisher, Ed Graves has contacted you with this information. We do want to thank you for your attendance at our Fun Fest events.Just an FYI we have 2 more Events coming up in July. July 24th at The Sunshine Center in St. Petersburg and July 25th at the Strawberry Festival Grounds, the Arthur Boring Civic Center. You can find more information on these 2 Fun Fest events, and future events scheduled by heading over to our “Event” page on our website.

      Allie Shaw, Website Editor

  2. Hello Kaleen,
    Thank you for your interest in our Fun Fest Events. I have forwarded your name and email address to our event coordinator, Dena Bingham. Dena will be emailing you the requested information later today. You can also call our office at 813-653-1988 for more information. FYI, on our event page (the one that you left this comment on) we have the flyer for that event posted on the left side of the page. To the right of the flyer you will see “links” to the downloadable event registrations for all of our scheduled Fun Fests. You can click on the Dunedin link and instructions on registering for the event are noted. Thank you again for your interest in our Fun Fest Events.
    Allie Shaw
    Website Editor

  3. Hi I am interested in becoming a vendor at the 11 October Fun Fest in Dunedin. I don’t see information on the website about that. Could you contact me to let me know if it is still possible and what is needed and wanted. Thank you Kaleen O’Connor

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