Why Sea Island is the Best Place to Get Your Vitamin Sea

Why Sea Island is the Best Place to Get Your Vitamin Sea

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By Rebecca Fending

Are you tired of visiting the same beach (or beaches) in your area? No matter how fine, white, and shell-filled the sand is, everyone needs a change from the ordinary. If you’re a fan of road trips and sea turtles, Sea Island, Georgia, is the perfect weekend destination. Complete with turtles, sun, and water, the island presents a trifecta for a great vacation.  

Loggerhead sea turtle at Sea Island. PC: Upendra Kanda on Flickr 

What Are Loggerhead Sea Turtles? 

Named after their endearingly sizeable noggins, loggerheads are a species of sea turtles that come to nest on Sea Island from May to October. Thanks to their powerfully large jaws, they feast on small shelled prey such as bottom-dwelling crustaceans. Once fully grown at about 35 years of age, these southeast coast natives can reportedly grow to the size of 250 pounds. They have a biennial migration pattern, meaning they mate and nest every two to three years depending on environmental factors. These turtles are picky, but rightfully so. This means that due to their less than frequent nesting patterns, Sea Island is the place to see this spectacular event. 

Loggerhead Migration & Nesting 

Sea Island has a number of great activities to offer, both on and off the beach, but their main draw to southeastern natives is the loggerhead migration. These sea turtles make their way to the island’s shore during the middle of May and call the island home until about October. During these months, the turtles come to nest on the island’s shore, making the hatching of the newest generation a true spectacle.

These gentle giants are diligently protected by the conservation services on the island, ensuring that the endangered species stays safe as tourists visit to experience the event. These turtles have long been negatively affected by the environment and hunters, creating the sacred and newly respected air around their migration and nesting patterns. The non-profit Sea Turtle Conservancy also offers visitors the ability to track the sea turtles, both their location and nesting status. They also offer the option to adopt a sea turtle after your visit! 

Beach Resort or Private Getaway?

Not only can you see these turtles at Sea Island, but you can enjoy a different beach view, as well. This island’s beaches differ from Florida due to their darker, denser sand and an overall more relaxed atmosphere. The tranquility of these beaches offers a sense of renewal and solitude. From horseback riding to reclining in a lounge chair, Sea Island has something for everyone.

Are you looking for a new fishing spot? Sea Island has you covered. The water surrounding the island offers the best year-round fishing opportunities in the area. Thanks to the saltwater marshes, the island’s water is filled with nutrients that draw and breed a variety of fish that are unique to the area. Sea Island offers fishermen (and women) the opportunity to fish on custom-made fishing boats that allow for the best access to shallow water and creeks that are miles off the island coast. These unique waters are places that attract native fish and give Sea Island its claim to fishing fame.

The island offers a number of resorts and rental properties with breathtaking beach views. From The Cloister Hotel for a resort experience to Sea Island Cottages for a private getaway, Sea Island is a great destination for those of us that want a quiet, beachy escape from the ordinary.

Aerial view of Sea Island Resort courtesy of seaisland.com. 

Has Sea Island piqued your interest? Book your trip today to experience the shores of Sea Island and find your center.


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