Getting Married In Your 50s: 8 Tips For Older First-Time Brides

Senior couple kissing after getting married again

For first-time brides over 50, getting married can be a special and emotional time. Many women think about their wedding throughout their lives, with some dreaming of their special day, even from childhood. The realization of these dreams can be exciting, but not without some stress. Wedding planning can be grueling, but the more time and preparation you put into the day, the better it will be.

Just like younger brides, you’ll need to consider the details for the ceremony and reception, look for the perfect dress and choose your wedding party. Unlike many younger brides, you may have a family already who you can work into the wedding itself to make the day even more special.

Choose The Dress With Care

As an older bride, dress selection can be tricky, and you may want to choose something more demure or understated. It is a good idea to head to a local bridal shop to try on dresses in various styles so that you can get a better idea of the options you like most. Taking some close friends and relatives along with you can be an excellent help when narrowing down your choices. If you’ve found a dress you love but want to make some changes, find a local seamstress who can tailor the dress to suit your needs perfectly.

Select Your Maid Of Honor

Your maid of honor will be a huge help during the planning process, as well as being in charge of your bachelorette party. For women in their 50s, it may be hard to choose from the friends made throughout the years. If you’re finding it hard to narrow down your options, consider asking a few friends to be co-maids of honor.

Include The Kids In Your Wedding Party

Two children, hand in hand,  escaping the wedding party

If you and your partner have kids, including them in the wedding can be an excellent way to make the day more memorable. It can also help to blend your families and help the kids feel more included and important in your relationship. There are roles for kids of any age in a wedding, from ring bearers to flower girls to the best man or bridesmaids.

Get The Wedding Invitation Right

Beautiful home-made wedding invitations

Invites are essential for any wedding, ensuring that your guests know when and where to be for the big day. It can also give guests crucial information about gifts and other practical considerations for the wedding itself. Getting the wording right is vital to avoid confusion, so using a wedding invitation wording tool can be a helpful option. The experts at Greenvelope have plenty of advice for engaged couples, along with gorgeous digital invite options.

Make A Registry For Gifts

Gifts can be a tricky part of getting married when you’re in your 50s, as you will likely already own most of the traditional wedding gifts. Homeware and kitchenware are the most common type of wedding gifts, but these are often better suited to younger couples who are in their first years of living independently. Making a registry for gifts will ensure that the gifts you receive will be genuinely useful for your married life. 

Consider Having A Smaller, Intimate Celebration  

A big party might sound fun in your 20s and 30s, but for couples in their 50s, a smaller, intimate wedding may appeal more. That’s not to say you can’t have a big bash if that’s what you and your partner want, but you should consider the option of a smaller wedding. Small weddings have become popularized in recent years by things like the pandemic, so it is worth giving some thought on the size of the event you choose.   

Write Your Own Vows  

The vows are arguably the most crucial part of a wedding day. They are how you affirm your commitment, love and devotion to your partner in front of your closest friends and family. There’s nothing wrong with using traditional vows for your ceremony, but many couples find that writing their own vows can make the ceremony even more special and meaningful. You should get started on writing your vows early so that you can ensure they are just right.   

Look For A Competent Wedding Planner 

A wedding planner can make a massive difference to your stress levels while planning your wedding. This can also be particularly vital for destination weddings when having someone local to organize at the destination is essential. It is a good idea to look for a wedding planner with plenty of experience and who has organized weddings for older couples in the past. Ensure you are a good personality fit by interviewing potential wedding planners in advance. 


Wedding planning can be daunting, but it can also be an incredibly positive experience. You should give yourself plenty of time to get the details right and ensure that it is a day you and your partner will never forget. The right help is invaluable, so ensure you find a suitable wedding planner and maid of honor to help you. Try not to sweat the little things, and remember, above all, to have fun.