Gift card scam alert!

Gift Card Scam
ne of the latest ways scam artists try to steal money from you is through the use of gift cards as a form of payment.
In this con, the con artist may pose as someone from the IRS, business or utility company trying to collect money they say you owe. Or they may pose as someone from Apple or another “tech support” group and tell you that you have a virus on your computer or
cell phone than needs urgent fixing.
Some may say a family member needs your immediate help. They may have spoofed (hidden) their number on Caller ID and changed it to look like a neighbor or legitimate business is calling.
The scammer will then direct you to purchase a gift card for a certain amount
and ask you to share the numbers and PIN on the card’s back. Many of them will
even stay on the phone with you as you go to purchase the gift card.
When you give them the number and PIN, that is the last time you will hear
from them and the scam is over. They just got your money.
Remember that no government agency or legitimate business will ask for a gift
card as a form of payment. If someone asks for a gift card, just hang up.

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