Gift Guide for the Whole Family 

Gift Guide for the Whole Family 

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By Rebecca Fending 

For most, the bulk of holiday-related stress stems from gift buying. And for those who enjoy gift giving more than gift-receiving, it can be even more anxiety-inducing. Below are a few ideas fit for all age ranges in the family.  

Gifts for Kids 

  • Hobbie-Themed Goodies: Whether your family has a budding chef, writer, painter or investigative journalist, there’s something out there for them. From immersive playsets to a collection of colorful notebooks and gel pens, nurture their interests this holiday season. 
  • Sports Equipment: Baseball, softball or T-ball, soccer, football or even wrestling, gifting a new item for them to play their most recent sporty interest is a great way to show that you support their hobbies. 
  • Art Supplies: Honestly, this is a great idea no matter the age. They may not even realize how much they want to create until they have the tools to do so! 

Gifts for Teens 

  • Anything Vintage: The retro trend is still alive and well among teenagers. Whether it’s a Polaroid camera, record player and vinyl albums or retro-style clothing, they’re sure to love it. 
  • Gift Cards: Believe it or not, many teens said they’d be happy with gift cards in a recent poll. Teenagers tend to have pretty niche interests or personal styles, so a good idea might be a gift card to a shop/business they are unable to splurge at normally. 
  • Beauty Products: Skincare, makeup and general self-care items are other great ideas for the teen that loves a little pampering. These can also make great stocking stuffers. 
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Gifts for Young Adults 

  • Cooking Set: If the young adult in your life is anything like many others, they’ve had their eye on a cooking set. But they just can’t justify buying it for themselves. Colorful cooking sets are especially on-trend right now.  
  • Plants: Another popular household item is a house plant. From succulents to monsteras, gifting a house plant is a perfect way to help them decorate their space.  
  • Books: Social media has created a revival for many young adults’ love of reading. Fiction is especially popular from authors like Colleen Hoover, Michael Connelly and Tana French. Sometimes, people don’t realize they’ve been itching for a good read until they’re gifted one. 
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Gifts for Adults 

  • Experiences: With the way the world shut down and changed over the last year, many people are looking to indulge in more experiences. Concerts, shows, movies or even vacations. Offer to pay for a night at a hotel for them or a night on the town.  
  • Small kitchen appliances: Air fryers, immersion blenders and even espresso makers are things every adult wants. Just be sure they don’t already have it! 
  • Custom photograph items: From blankets or pillows with their pet’s face on them to a photo collage of them and their significant other, custom photo gifts are a great gift for any adult—it’s not ordinarily something they’d buy themselves! 


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