7 Perfect Gift Ideas for Pets and Pet Owners

7 Perfect Gift Ideas for Pets and Pet Owners
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By Rebecca Fending

The gift giving season can be difficult when you’ve run out of new ideas for people on your list. When you can’t think of anything for the person, think about their pets. Often times, gifts for pets are also gifts to the pet owner. Listed below are several ideas for gifts that work for both pets and pet owners.

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iPuppyGo Activity Tracker

A perfect example of a gift that functions for both pet and owner is this iPuppyGo tracker. Attach it to your pet’s collar and download the app to a smartphone to stay up to date on their vitals, sleep patterns and even mood. The device weighs in at only eight grams, so it won’t pull at your pet’s neck.

Not only does this tracker document your pet’s activity, but it also acts as an external chip, giving you your fur friend’s exact location should they wander from home.

One great feature built into this device is the “Treasure Hunt” option. As the device tracks your pet’s favorite walking paths, it will create a custom virtual treasure hunt where the owner can find different “treasures” along the way–just another way pet and owner can stay connected and equally engaged!

iPuppyGo tracker can be used for cats or dogs due to the lightweight design and numerous functions that benefit both species.

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FURBO Camera

Ideal for pet owners that are frequently out of the house, this FURBO camera is a great way for them to know how their pet is doing. By downloading the FURBO app to your smartphone and connecting the device to your account, owners can access the device’s camera and microphone to watch and communicate with their pet. You can also get push notifications sent to your phone when the device detects your dog barking.

Not only can pet owners check in on their fur babies, but they can also dispense treats for Fido.

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Waterpik Pet Wand

Know a dog that loves to get dirty? This pet wand by Waterpik couldn’t be better for the pet owner that struggles with bathing their pet daily. Pop on this attachment to any outdoor water hose or shower wand for an easy cleaning experience thanks to the contoured jet stream. Narrowed water streams help to rinse out shampoo deep within the undercoat.

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Deer Antler Dog Chew

For the lovable power chewer, this deer antler is just the treat they need to get vitamins, minerals and keep from shredding any other toy or household item. Designed to be low odor, this 100% natural antler delivers a number of minerals to your pup including phosphorous and calcium.

This chew also helps to clean teeth and gums as they chew due to the natural texture of deer antlers. Not to mention strengthen teeth, gums and jaws.

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Waterproof Pet Blanket

For pets that love to be on furniture and owners that hate having to clean up after them, this waterproof blanket from PETMAKER is a great gift. Soft and cozy for pets and people, this blanket can be draped over furniture, floors or car seats to save upholstery from pet mess.

Care for this blanket couldn’t be easier: throw it in the washing machine per normal and dry on low!

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Pet Hair Roller

Any pet owner knows that long haired cats and dogs tend to do the most shedding, or at least it seems that way. What better gift than a hand-held pet hair roller? Especially helpful for furniture or cat seats, this device replaces the need for tradition paper lint rollers and can be used on any surface. All debris is held within the roller’s reservoir which can easily be accessed by pushing back the lid.

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Homemade Treats

Feel like making something special for your family, friends or even your pets? Try making homemade treats. Whether you’re making them for cats, dogs or any other pet, they’re sure to be a hit.

For dogs, try using a mix of rolled oats and natural peanut butter (no xylitol!) and bake to dry the mixture once pressed into cookie shapes. For cats, try this recipe from The Cookie Rookie for three ingredient salmon treats.


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