5 Ways to Give Your Cat a Purr-fect Life

5 Ways to Give Your Cat a Purr-fect Life

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With playful and spunky personalities, cats are known for keeping people entertained. Whether they’re breaking the internet in the latest viral video or making pet parents smile with a spontaneous snuggle, feline friends can be a constant source of joy.

For all the companionship, humor and happiness cats bring, they deserve a purr-fect life, full of tasty treats and quality time with their favorite humans. To help keep kitties meowing with delight, the TEMPTATIONS brand introduced MEATY BITES and CREAMY PURRRR-ÉE treats. For more ways to treat your feline friend and tips to help make your cat’s life paw-some, visit TemptationsTreats.com.

Provide a Comfortable Environment

To help make sure time with your furry friends is fun and enjoyable, create an environment they’ll feel comfortable in. Give cats a designated space to call their own, including beds and plenty of toys to help them feel safe and at home. When they’re more comfortable in their space, they’ll likely be more inclined to snuggle and play.

Cuddle Up

Cats are independent creatures and sometimes keep cuddling on their own terms. To encourage snuggles in a way both felines and their humans can enjoy, try offering goodies they’ll love, like the TEMPTATIONS CREAMY PURRRR-ÉE treat. It can be served as a snack, given by hand or used as a cat food topper to make mealtimes more exciting. When given by hand, it gives kitties and their owners a unique bonding experience and allows for more quality time together.

Make Time for Play

Every day should include time for fun. With their attentive nature, many felines enjoy mentally and physically engaging activities. Try finding toys your furry friend enjoys, like a feather on a string, or throw around a stuffed mouse to give your kitties some pouncing practice.

Feed Your Cat’s Feline Instincts

To satisfy your cats’ natural carnivorous feline instincts, consider offering a satisfying snack like TEMPTATIONS MEATY BITES treats. Made with real meat, 34% protein and no artificial flavors or colors, they’re a soft, savory option cat owners can feel good about giving their pets. Try hiding the treats around the house and letting your felines prowl and hunt them down like easy prey.

Be Consistent

Many cats are creatures of habit and value consistency, so create a daily routine to help your pets feel more comfortable. Try offering meals at the same time each day or scheduling consistent time to kick back and relax with your furry friends each evening.

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