by Teri Pizza

Long relegated to cookies and cakes, is this hard-shelled, hairy fruit emerging as the new super-food? Or is it just super hype?

We’ve analyzed its body parts and here’s what we found.

COCONUT WATER, found only in young, green coconuts, is what some are calling Mother Nature’s sports drink. That’s because coconut water is rich in potassium. If you like the taste and can afford the price, coconut water is a relatively low-cal drink that can replenish electrolytes and keep you hydrated. Those with kidney disease should avoid or limit their

COCONUT MILK is a white liquid that forms as a coconut matures. It’s high in healthy saturated fatty acids, calories and lauric acid which is easily absorbed in the body to produce energy. Coconut milk is perfect for those with dairy, nut, or grain-based allergies.
Dr. Axe, a well-known, certified natural medicine doctor, reports coconut milk can aid in heart health, weight loss, digestion, physical performance, joint discomfort, and control of diabetes. He claims it can also prevent fatigue, anemia and ulcers. Always choose cold-pressured, BPA-free, 100 percent unsweetened coconut milk.

COCONUT MEAT, a.k.a. COPRA, is the “white meat” produced as the coconut matures. The copra contains fiber and three medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) that enhance metabolism. In the body, these MCFAs are said to destroy candida and other pathogenic microorganisms.
This extra fiber can lower the glycemic index of foods high in starch or sugar. This part of
the coconut is usually dried and can be eaten plain or shredded in salads, pies, cakes and other desserts.

COCONUT OIL is processed from the copra and often used in cooking as a substitute for vegetable oils since it heats smoke-free, even at high temperatures. Cosmetically it is used in lipsticks, balms and hair products. It’s becoming very popular as a treatment for
dry skin, wrinkles, cracked feet, sunburn, dark spots, diaper rash and scars. It can be used for massage, as a deodorant, and as a personal lubricant. And, some research suggests it may help control food cravings. Some tout a variety of medicinal uses for diseases like
cancer and dementia but the science is still out on that. The best coconut oil is unrefined, virgin oil that has not been heated or processed.

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