Haunted Memories


It’s nearing that magical time of year, when seemingly innocent children turn into monsters capable of devouring untold amounts of candy. So in the spirit of this beloved holiday, we are asking our readers to share their favorite/craziest/ most memorable Halloween.

Was it a favorite girly-girl costume as a kid? Telling ghost stories around a blazing campfire in the middle of a spooky forest? A trip in the woods to explore a abandoned “haunted house?”

That time you tossed 30 rolls of toilet paper onto the trees of your secret crush’s house – only to get caught? Maybe it was a more recent recollection like the gold lamé Elvis costume you sewed for your grandson.

Tell us about your favorite memory in 50 words or less and include a digital photo if you have it. We will run our faves in the October edition of Lifestyles After 50.

Email your submission to: editor@lifestylesafter50.com


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