Healthy Bones Tampa Bay Free Virtual Events

Healthy Bones Tampa Bay Free Virtual Events

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The Tampa Bay area has the largest percentage of bone fractures in the state of Florida. So, how do you protect your bone health?

The American Bone Health Association’s Healthy Bones Tampa Bay is hosting a series of events to help seniors strengthen their bones through a number of ways including eating right, exercise and how to check your balance and mobility to prevent falls. You can sign up for these FREE virtual events through the linked listed below:

Eating for Healthy Bones™

To keep our bones strong and healthy for life, we need to feed them properly! Find out how by tuning in to Eating for Healthy Bones™, a free virtual event that will empower you.

Thurs, Jan 7 @ 6:30 pm:

Tues, Jan 19 @ 1 pm:

Thurs, Jan 28 @ 1 pm:

Thurs, Feb 25 @ 12 pm:

Keep doing what you love by taking care of your bones. Image from Pixabay

Freedom from Fractures™

Take charge of your bone health! Join us for this virtual program to learn more about how to achieve optimum bone health or how to help a loved one avoid bone fractures.

Tues, Jan 5 @ 12 pm:

Thurs, Jan 14 @ 12 pm:

Tues, Jan 26 @ 11 am:

Stepping Out Strong™

Get your balance checked, and learn simple exercises you can do at home to improve balance, strength and flexibility.

Tues, Jan 12 @ 11 am:

Sat, Jan 23 @ 10 am:

Mon, Feb 8 @ 11 am:

Get your balance checked. Image from Pixabay

Posture Power™

This free virtual event will help you learn the right and wrong ways to do your everyday activities to protect your spine from injury. Stand tall and get the most out of your life!

Sat, Jan 9 @ 10 am:

Thurs, Jan 21 3:30 pm:


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