Hello March

Prepare yourselves. Daylight Saving Time is almost here and we will set our clocks forward, promptly losing one hour of shut eye.

Where’s my caffeine-infused eye cream?

And oh, by the way, didn’t we just fall backwards?

Just when our sleep patterns and circadian rhythms are finally adjusting to the last time change, now we have to spring forward. My knees ache at the suggestion. I know too I will be transforming into various versions of Sleepy, Grumpy and/or Dopey.

Not only that, but DST can actually be hazardous to our collective health.

A study by the Open Heart journal found that the number of heart attacks increased by 24 percent the Monday after spring time changes, while fall time changes were conversely associated with a 21 percent reduction. Workplace injuries, fatal car crashes and cluster headaches are also reported to surge on that Monday as well.

And try to explain the concept of DST to your dog, whose internal alarm clock is
timed for 6 p.m. Sure, he’ll thank you in the springtime but come fall, he’ll be
salivating all over himself, you and the kitchen floor.

At press time for this magazine, the Florida House had overwhelmingly approved a proposal to observe Daylight Saving Time year-round and
a similar bill is moving through the Senate. The two bills, called the “Sunshine Protection Act,” would ask Congress to allow Florida to make Daylight Saving Time permanent
all year long. It will take an act of Congress to change it, but it approved, Florida would join Hawaii and Arizona
in exempting themselves from the 1966 law that calls for resetting clocks on the second Sunday in March and the first Sunday in November.

Thank jokester Benjamin Franklin for bringing up the idea of saving daylight in 1784. In his satirical essay, “An Economical Project,” he claims that Paris would save money by doing away with artificial lighting (candles i.e., 64,050,000
pounds of wax) and living on natural light.

As for those who didn’t wake up when the sun rose: “Let all the bells in every church be set ringing; and if that is not sufficient, let cannon be fired in every street, to wake the sluggards…,” he wrote.

Talk about triggering heart attacks and headaches.

As you peruse this edition of Lifestyles After 50, we hope our stories will inspire you to make good use of that extra hour of daylight: See the new Bruce Willis film Hit the road for some spring training games. Attend a festival. Grab a
bathing suit and head for the beach with the Grands.*

You might also write your legislators and let them know how you feel about the concept of year-round Daylight Savings Time.

*Please note: Not every story appears in all editions.
Please visit lifestylesafter50.com to access them.

Terri Reeves

Don’t forget it’s Daylight Saving Time. You spring forward,
then you fall back. It’s like Robert Downey Jr. getting out of bed.”
~David Letterman

Bruce Willis Cover Photo by Gage Skidmore (Modified)

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