Hello Springtime


Richard Reeves

Welcome to March, the third month of the year, unless of course you have remarkable longevity and were born before 150 B.C. when the Roman calendar proclaimed March the first month.

This month’s namesake comes from the Latin word Martius, or Mars, the Roman God of war. Back then, as the snow thawed, it was a time of year to get back to farming, sailing and warring. Hopefully for us living in Florida, it will be a month of great farming (strawberries), sailing (or cruising) and baseball.


Now we don’t want to encourage warring, but we’ll take a little friendly rivalry as Spring Training gets underway and sports teams and their fans come together under sunny skies to enjoy America’s favorite pastime. Check out our stadium map for the Florida Grapefruit League and relish the hot dog filled journey by writer Luis Castillo as he previews the venues and eats.

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, but here in Florida, the temperatures are normally pleasant all month-long. There are many festivals this time
of year including the Florida Strawberry Festival, March 2 to 12. We doubt you’ll spot any lions there but you can see a lamb or two. Enjoy strawberries any way you like them
and take in a classic concert with musical legends like Willie Nelson, The Blues Brothers and other greats.

Of course, March brings St. Patrick’s Day and plenty of green-beer gatherings. Terri Bryce Reeves, our new Lifestyles After 50 Editor, shines the spotlight on three top destinations for this kilt-clad celebration. We hope you’ll try our tasty cabbage strudel recipe for St. Patrick’s Day. With March Madness on the horizon, we’ve included two delicious recipes for game day bites as well.

March is Women’s History Month so we’re showcasing some pretty eye-opening facts about some of our First Ladies, from Martha to Melania. Did you know, for instance, that Mary Todd Lincoln was the first to bring séance to the White House?


And meet Iris Ruth Pastor, our newest columnist, who shares some humorous insights as to what it is like to be well-endowed. Apparently, it has quite an effect on one’s IQ.

We have a feature on cruising, social security and tax information, a piece on famous native rock ‘n rollers, and a walk down memory lane with the song, Penny Lane, by The



Mark your calendars for March 12th when Daylight Savings Time begins, and, for March 15th when Lifestyles After 50 will host an event at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts in Tampa.

Summer will be here before we know it, so in the meantime, sit back and enjoy our publication, the beautiful weather and the very green and beautiful month of March.


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