5 Ways to Help Your Pet Beat the Summer Heat

5 Ways to Help Your Pet Beat the Summer Heat

Image from Pixabay

By Rebecca Fending

If your dog loves being outside, you’ve probably worried about keeping them cool when those Florida temperatures rise during summer. Helping your pet beat the summer heat can ease your warm-weather worries. Though there are common precautions you should take to ensure their safety, there may be a few lesser-known fixes to your overheated dog. Here are just a few ways you can help keep your fur baby happy and cooled off in the warmer months: 

Keeping a Cave-like Cool

One key to ensuring that your pup has an easy summer is to simply make sure your house is cool enough. If you’re planning on leaving your dog alone, be sure to leave the air conditioning on (at an ideal temperature) and keep windows closed and drapes drawn. Be sure to leave them with cool, fresh water any time they’ll be alone for longer than half an hour. Creating a cool, cave-like environment for dogs is a great way to make sure they’re rejuvenated and maintaining an appropriate internal temperature. Not only does this help your pet, but it’s also ideal for you in terms of keeping yourself well in summer heat.

Bring on the Pupsicles to Beat the Summer Heat

If you want to keep your bestie cool, happy, and convince them that you’re the best parent they could ask for, make them these frosty treats to help cool down their body temperature after a hard play session. “Pupsicles” not only help with cooling off our pets, but they can also be healthy for them! With customizable ingredients, integrating fruits and vegetables into the frozen pops are a great way for your dog to get their nutrients. With combinations like carrots and apples or blueberries and watermelon, pupsicles are the perfect way to cool Fido down while giving him a healthy treat.

Pupsicles with fruits and vegetables. Photo credit: pankobunny on YouTube

Here Comes the Groom(er)

If you have a dog with a long fur coat, be sure to keep them groomed throughout the summer heat. This may mean frequent trips to your local dog salon, but the cost of keeping their coat fresh is less expensive than the possibility of losing them to heatstroke.

Brushing your dog (no matter the coat length) is recommended to remove summer dander and pollen from their skin and fur. However, if your pup does have a thicker coat, but sure to get a brush that will help groom their undercoat. Dogs with thick fur coats tend to have this so-called “undercoat” that increases their likelihood of overheating during the warmer months.

Beat the heat with cool treats and a cool room. Image from Daily Mail

Monitoring Humidity

Summer is notorious for high heat and high humidity. This combination can spell trouble for humans and animals alike, especially dogs. When the air is exceptionally humid, it makes it harder for dogs to cool themselves through panting. The moist air keeps them warmer than in dry heat and makes their panting less effective.

Visit Your Vet

Keep up with your regular vet visits, especially in summer. Among other things, warmer weather aids in spreading parvovirus, which can be lethal for your dog or puppy once contracted. Visiting your vet can also help with any questions you may have about your dog’s health during summer.  

These tips can help keep your best friend cool during warm weather, but depending on your dog’s specific needs, they may need alternative solutions. Be sure to watch your dog as they exist, play, and enjoy the summer months. The best way to ensure your dog’s safety is by being aware of their behavior and overall health. Keep you and your baby cool by taking appropriate indoor breaks and precautions when it comes to a Florida summer.  


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