Literary Corner – Home Sweet Home

At last, I sighed in relief. After all the ups and
 downs, excitement and disappointments,
 we had found a new home. My husband had
 shown me a number of other places, but they just
 weren’t right.

Our old home had been damaged so badly
 by the storm, it was unlivable. There was no
 way to repair or remodel. Oh, but it had been a
 wonderful home for a number of years. I wish
 we could have stayed there. No, I had to stop
 thinking about it. I had to look ahead.

I looked around. Okay, there was some
 rearranging necessary, but that was to be expected.
 I had to admit this home had advantages over our
 old place. It was definitely sturdier. The branches
 of nearby trees reached together to form a kind of
 shelter. I could see another family settled not too
 far away. Not close, thank goodness, as we each
 needed space of our own. It looked as if they had
 been there a while; they must have felt the area
 was safe.

I scolded myself, I needed to get busy. I would
 admire the neighborhood later after we were established.
 My husband began bringing things in, and I began tucking
 them here and there and slowly within a few days our house
 became a home. It felt good to be settled.

Nature took its course and it wasn’t long before the
 children made their appearance. Tending them in the
 beginning was so easy; I only had to keep them warm and
 our home clean.

All too soon, however, those little eggs hatched in the
 nest and their father and I were on the go every minute
 keeping their tummies filled. 


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