Humor: Streaming My Life Away

Streaming My Life Away

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By Susan Goldfein

Dinner at 5:30? Where do you think I live, South Florida

Truth is, I do live in South Florida, but dinner at 5:30 pm has nothing to do with the Early Bird Special, or a 7:30 pm bedtime. It has everything to do with filling the rest of the evening with as many episodes as possible of whatever we are currently streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Acorn, Apple TV or Amazon Prime. Or a 7-day free trial of some other app, in which case dinner might collide with lunch since we have only a week to complete three seasons of 10 parts each of another irresistible series. 

Streaming away…

Due to COVID, evenings which might be spent at a theater or movie house are now passed in front of a Smart TV. The couch cushion is permanently indented and can no longer be plumped. Press that “Play” button on the remote and a binge is likely to follow. And once a series is over, I’m totally bereft. I need a new fix, and quickly. Is this what it’s like to be an addict? 

Streaming the night away... Image from Pixabay
Streaming the night away… Image from Pixabay

On Zoom calls with friends, conversations have switched from politics and other intellectual pursuits to, “What are you watching?” Hopefully, you and they have similar tastes, or you might have to consider some new friends. 

My own tastes, and fortunately, those of my husband who still controls the remote, lean towards mysteries, detective shows, crime dramas. And the internet does not disappoint. I now have access to police procedurals around the globe. 

It’s amazing how much crime occurs in quiet English seaside villages. Or sleepy snow-filled towns in Scandinavia, complete with subtitles. An entire cadre of multilingual detectives who never shave or change their clothing, have become my new best friends. 

Runswick Bay. Image from Pixabay

I was recently besotted by an intrigue from Holland. This one had it all: sex, murder, crooked politicians, corrupt businessmen, more murder.  And the Dutch penal system was most impressive. If I ever entertain a life of crime, I’m heading to Amsterdam. The cells looked quite comfortable, visiting hours were flexible and the detainees were allowed to wear their own clothing. However, I wouldn’t mind an orange jumpsuit. It brings out the blue in my eyes. 

So folks, what will happen post-pandemic? Will on-line life prevail even after stay-at-home life has ended? Will we return to a movie theater once it’s deemed safe or remain on the couch? When we can safely patronize a restaurant and sit inside, will we stay home with a pizza and watch a few more episodes of some import from Turkey? 

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I like to think I will resume mingling where I left off a year ago, but who knows? So, until we’ve all been vaccinated, tell me what you’ve watched recently. I’d really appreciate some good recommendation! 


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