Hurricane Planning


Floridians experienced one of the most dramatic hurricane seasons on record in 2004. Few residents would likely want to think about preparing for the next hurricane season, but waiting until the storms are forming could be too late.

One of the best preparations for any storm is to inspect the trees in your yard. What is their condition? Are there limbs that need to be removed because they are weak or hang too low over the roof?

Spring is the best time to prepare trees for storm season. It’s the ideal time to call a reliable, licensed tree service for an inspection. With leaves off many trees, it’s a good time to see the condition of the trunk and limbs. Dead, dying, and diseased trees cause severe damage during hurricanes and severe storms. During last summer’s hurricanes, trees falling on rooftops, cars, and utility lines caused millions of dollars in damages.

Tree pruning and removal should be done by a licensed tree service with adequate liability insurance. Get written estimates from two or more services and a description of work to be done before hiring anyone. Remember to include cleanup and trash removal. Never pay for work before it’s completed and you are satisfied with the work.

Giving attention to trees before they become a problem can save a family hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars and what could potentially become months of stressful cleanup and recovery.

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