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A New Year and Some New Resolutions

By Michele D. Baker 

January… a fresh start and a time to reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the new one. Traditionally, this is the ideal time to begin a new project, take up a new hobby, or recommit to good habits that may have slipped away. (For 6 easy, 10-minutes-per-day resolutions, see page 8.) 

This issue of Lifestyles After 50 is devoted to resolutions and healthy living, so I invite you to reflect on how you’re doing in your own life – have you made any resolutions? How are you managing to keep up with them? Last January we discussed your personal “Wellness Wheel.” Is your wheel more balanced now one year later – or do you still have a “flat tire”? 

Our Wellness Wheel has 7 sections. Here are my personal resolutions for each dimension:  

Spiritual – Meditate and write daily in my journal. 

Emotional – Watch only movies and TV shows that make me smile (and stop watching the news, which only makes my blood boil). 

Goals and Aspirations – I have invested in a tabletop keyboard and I’m (finally) taking piano lessons! 

Physical – Start that yoga class I’ve been talking about for 40 years. 

Social – I recently joined a ladies’ book club – we read a book (or watch the movie from the book) and drink margaritas. (It’s a great group of women!) 

Environmental – Make a firm decision on the unused items in my home and donate them to charity: books, clothes, furniture, everything in storage… 

Financial – Investing in a new venture – I’m buying a magazine! 

Perhaps my personal journey may encourage you on your own. In any case, I wish you a beautiful, happy, and healthy winter! 

Happy January, 


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