Hurricane strength winds bend and break Palm trees.

If you are among those who spend their summers in our Florida melting pot, you know you are in for a daily dose of heat, humidity, thunderstorms, frizzy hair and endless attacks by those little suckers that can bite faster than you can swat.

You tread carefully so as not to slip on the bright green algae that grows on sidewalks, patios and pool decks–and to avoid those fire ants from hell.

And you are well aware that our summers like to hang around for a long, long time. At least until October. Sometimes through December.

But perhaps our biggest summer and fall challenges are the hurricanes that may come knocking at our door anytime between now and November. Are you prepared?

In the past couple of years, Florida has experienced two devastating hurricanes: last year’s Cat 5 hurricane, Michael, and Irma, which covered the whole state in 2017.

Threats include not only high winds but also storm surges that can result in catastrophic damage. After the storm, power may not be restored for days or weeks.

Hurricane supplies needed

If you elect to stay during a hurricane, make sure you have a three- to five-day supply of water for everyone in the household along with non-perishable snacks and food items
(don’t forget the can opener). Fill your car tank with gas and your wallet with cash. Have at least one month’s supply of medicine and plenty of batteries for flashlights, hand-held fans and cell phone chargers.

Other things that will no doubt come in handy include rubber boots, baby wipes (for personal hygiene), antibacterial wipes (for cleaning surfaces), a first-aid kit, pillows and sleeping bags. Don’t forget to provide for the needs of pets, elders and babies too.

Try to eat up your perishables at the first sign of a hurricane and freeze water bottles to help keep the refrigerator cool in case of a power outage. Pick up any items in your yard that could become flying missiles.

We wish you a tranquil hurricane season, but if that’s not the case, we wish you success in your preparations and safety should the storm arrive.

In the meantime, enjoy our July issue as we take a nostalgic 50-year-look-back at the first moon landing and other happenings in the summer of 1969.

Columnist Michael Wright lends his offbeat humor to the subject and film critic Randal
Hill previews the new flick, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, in which Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio team up for a story set in 1969 Los Angeles.

Susan Goldfein puts AOL shaming to rest and David Novak pens about potential legislative changes to 401(k)s. Then Kathy Megyeri rounds it all out with an overview of the new
Statue of Liberty Museum.

Trip to New York City anyone?

Please note that all stories may not appear in all editions so for a complete look at our offerings, visit lifestylesafter50.com.

Have a wonder-filled July and stay summer-safe.

See you in August.

Terri Bryce Reeves

Terri Bryce Reeves, Editor

“ Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon.
July 1969, AD. We came in peace for all mankind.”
~Neil Armstrong


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