July’s “Share Your Story” Challenge: TRAVEL IS MY FAVORITE TEACHER

To travel, to experience and learn: that is to live.”
Tenzing Norgay,
Nepalese Sherpa mountaineer


Some say there are universal truths in this world, principles that, when understood, grant true wisdom, compassion and grace. One of the surest ways of arriving at these overarching themes of the human experience is to travel – where exploring yourself is the constant companion of exploring a foreign land.


For some aging adults, the later years offer a first chance at indulging in the luxury of travel. Having finally found the courage, money and time to set forth on the trips of their dreams, mature travelers find a whole new world of passion and inspiration unfolding.

Whether aging has helped solidify your value system, or revealed the world’s relativity and the unknown, fearless travel is as close a panacea for shaking things up as you can hope for. In addition to encouraging independence, empowering confidence, and even aiding in our embrace and acceptance of aging’s effects on the body, ultimately, travel is our greatest teacher. But what exactly is it that we learn? How does it educate us, humble us and reveal our folly that we had it all figured out? This month, we’d love to know:

What truths has travel taught you? Has adventuring later in life ever caused you to question any of your long-held beliefs? How has travel shaped your character, making you who you are today?

With “Travel Teaches” as the subject line, email your thoughts to editor@lifestylesafter50.com for a chance to win FREE Rays baseball tickets and be published online and in print in September!

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