June’s “Share Your Story” Challenge: WHO RESCUED WHO?

“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them...and filling an emptiness we didn’t even know we had.” - Thom Jones

Last month was National Pet Month and it got all of us at the office thinking about how much we’ve loved our pets over the course of our lives. Some of the most meaningful relationships with pets come when we extend a helping hand to an animal that has been abandoned, abused or otherwise left behind.

a happy girl is sitting outside in the grass, shaking hands with her German Shepherd dog, silhouetted against the sunsetting sky

In “rescuing” an animal from an environment of pain and neglect, often times we are inviting an opportunity to heal ourselves. Nonprofit organization Lucky Dog Animal Rescue has done an incredible job of collecting and sharing research on their website demonstrating the health benefits “rescuers” receive when adopting an animal; benefits like lowering physiological stress responses, helping us recover from addiction, widening our social circle and improving our self-esteem. In what seems like a win-win scenario for all involved, adopting a pet can still feel like a scary, expensive and intimidating undertaking. That’s why we’d love to hear first-accounts from you – our readers – about the reality of the rescue experience. So…

Have you had a positive or negative rescue experience? Have you rescued an animal only to find out they’ve come to rescue you? Why are the profound benefits of loving and caretaking for an animal worth the undeniable expense?

With “Who Rescued Who” as the subject line, email your thoughts to editor@lifestylesafter50.com for a chance to win FREE Rays baseball tickets and be published in July! Read about the health benefits of rescue at luckydoganimalrescue.org.


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