Central Floridians have watched Lakeland grow up for a quite awhile now, and the city’s natives are now experiencing some of the delicious fruits of all that labor. It’s through the hard work and inspiration of business owners like Mark and Kristen Miller that not one, but several thriving businesses call Lakeland’s Lakeside Village their home. After much success with her first venture, a pottery (and more) haven called PicassoZ Art Café, Kristen and her husband then opened the Tea Largo Beverage Company, after a romantic visit to Naples, FL introduced them to all of the endless wonders of loose-leaf tea.

Experience the magic of high-quality tea for yourself this summer, by letting a visit to Tea Largo Beverage Company introduce you to boba, matcha, mate, and everything in between, all made more than comprehendable and accessible thanks to the shop’s super casual, old-Florida twist. More than flavored iced teas, Miller and her staff approach tea as an art, and a way to travel the world via your tastebuds as you try Japan’s ceremonial tea in a creamy colada shake, or just a few of Vietnam’s tapioca boba pearls in an African tea over ice.

You’ll find no shortage of eclectic in the decor, from custom clay pieces in Tea Largo’s floor, to thrift store and donated furniture all throughout. Reclaimed wood and donated kitchen cabinets brushed up by the crew lend themselves to a distinct artsy charm all their own.

Embark on a global adventure – right
here in Lakeland – by exploring an
international sampling of iced teas.


Besides, who can resist a tea shop nestled between two art studios? With the creative energy of PicassoZ pottery painting on one side and Breakables Mosaics on the other, the Tea Largo space and sense of place is truly a treasure of Central Florida. Here are our picks for taking your tastebuds on a deliciously cool adventure:

Frozen Bubble Tea
Sweet exotic flavors and organic green tea, blended. And don’t fear the strange little spheres – fresh cooked tapioca pearls easily slurped up through a fat straw.

Arctic Chai
A local favorite, the Arctic Chai perfects the famous masala as a frozen variation; one that’s rich and creamy, without too much sweetness and just enough spice.

Frozen Hot Chocolate
The name says it all – a decadent chocolate drink served with the option of added coffee. A true treat.

Sparkling Iced Tea
For a tamer option, try a simple organic green tea, jazzed up with only sparkling water and your choice of fruity syrup: Mango, Pomegranate, Grapefruit, or Berry.

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