Kitchen Tools Every Home Chef Needs

Kitchen Tools Every Home Chef Needs
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By Rebecca Fending

Being in the kitchen has never been such a joy thanks to an array of high-tech (and even not so tech) tools and appliances. From the Instant Pot to a simple avocado slicer, modernity has gifted an ease of home cooking to several generations and those to come. No matter your budget, there is a kitchen tools that is made for you. Here are some of our favorites: 

Instant Pot

You have probably heard a lot about this appliance in recent years. First released in October of 2010, the Instant Pot has taken kitchens by storm with a countless number of advantages over more traditional cooking appliances. Essentially, it is an energy efficient pressure cooker that also sautés, steams, warms and even makes rice and homemade yogurt. 

Looking for a smaller kitchen appliance that does almost anything? Investing in an Instant Pot is a great way to make dinners easier. Image from Amazon.

Air Fryer

This appliance is one that I encourage everyone I know to buy. Easy to use and capable of making a quick meal or snack, the worst part about an air fryer is probably figuring out where to store it while it’s not in use. The benefits of using an air fryer in comparison to a deep fryer or even conventional oven range from not having to fuss with oil (and therefore extra calories) to shortened cook times. This appliance needs no warming up, so you can place your food in the basket, press start, set the timer and walk away. 

Panini Press

This may seem like an unnecessary smaller appliance, but I can assure that it is life changing. No longer will you have to endure a dull, soggy sandwich at home. As most panini presses are ceramic and non-stick, you can (quite literally) build your sandwich and slap it down on the face of the press. Cook it for as long or as little as you would like to achieve that fresh, crispy deli quality at home.  

Having a panini press on hand lets you make fresh, warm sandwiches any time of day. Image from Amazon.

Coffee Grinder

Investing in a coffee grinder means having fresher-than-you-thought-possible coffee every morning. Grinding your own coffee from whole beans can bring out a fresh flavor profile that even makes inexpensive coffee taste like gourmet. Ranging from $13 to $60, you can find a grinder that fits your budget

KRUPS Stainless Steel Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder, $13.88 at Walmart

Avocado Slicer

Although delicious either by itself or added to a number of dishes, avocados are incredibly difficult to cut, slice and pit. However, an avocado slicer is a great and inexpensive tool that can both ease the prepping process of the fruit and help better prevent any avocado-related emergency room trips. What better investment to make your fresh, summer dishes a breeze? 

Image from Amazon.


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