Lake County Fire Rescue’s Venom 2 Unit

Members honored as ‘Fire Officers of the Year’

CN elks ceremony
(Left to right) Lt. Jeff Sacco, Lt. Bobby Ford, and Lt. Jason Rivera

Lake County Fire Rescue is proud to name three firefighters as the 2019 Fire Officers of the Year.

The new Venom 2 Unit’s Lt. Jeff Sacco, Lt. Bobby Ford, and Lt. Jason Rivera were recognized by Eustis Elks Lodge 1578 at their annual First Responders Banquet.

This year’s honorees were chosen by their peers for going above and beyond the call of duty. As members of the Venom Response Program, each lieutenant responds to hospitals to deliver lifesaving anti-venom when someone is bitten by a venomous snake.

Since its inception in July of 2018, Venom 2 has responded to nearly a dozen snake bites, providing treatment for victims with the appropriate anti-venom. The team has traveled to Tampa, Gainesville, and various hospitals throughout the state to assist with the administration of anti-venom, in addition to identifying and removing nuisance reptiles.

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