Lazy Days are Here Again

As the dog days of summer continue to pant, I think of
August as the month for laid-back activities: beach walks,
catnaps, and catching up with old friends.

But I never realized how officially laid-back August is.


Did you know that August 10th is National Lazy Day and August
15th is National Relaxation Day? So don’t stress yourself out too much. To
celebrate, don’t strive for perfection and productivity. Instead shamelessly
binge watch Netflix, read a steamy hot romance novel or just shake out your
toes. After all, August 6th is National Wiggle Your Toes Days. On this day
we are supposed to go barefoot, but not for too long because we could
develop plantar fasciitis (see our article on flip-flops).

And then there’s National Underwear Day observed on August
5th. How you choose to celebrate this one – whether posting a scantily clad
selfie on Facebook or strolling around the house in your skivvies — is you
own risky business (pun intended).

One good way to chill is to take in Motown the Musical running Aug.
8 –13 at the Straz in Tampa. It’s a non-stop hit parade of classics by
stars like Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, the Jackson 5 and many more. The
show, filled with spectacular period costumes, tells the story of Berry
Gordy, the founder of Motown Records and his ascent to the top.
Check out our Motown quiz and crossword in this issue for some
funky, easygoing fun.

We also preview an August 12th, free outdoor show in Tampa’s Ybor City
featuring that mustachioed mischief maker of 1980s fame, Gallagher.
The occasion? A watermelon fest cuz nothing says summer like that seedy
red fruit. And with that in mind, we’ve got the scoop on its benefits along
with some unique recipes.

Another way to spend a hot August night is at the Dunedin Fine
Art Center’s Wearable Art 13 where the runway will be filled with music,
lights and beautiful, awe-inspiring, far-fetched looks designed to baffle
the imagination. Details inside.

Terri Reeves, Editor


You’ll have to find what other
goodies we have tucked into this issue
on your own.

After all, National Lazy Day
is almost here and I don’t feel like
writing any more.







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