Let Your Light Shine On

Let your light shine

By Jan Larraine Cox 

In wartime it may seem we lack what we really want – peace. We feel something is not right when we turn on the news and again hear about atrocities happening in the Middle East. How could life have changed so drastically in a few short weeks, we wonder.  

Yes, war is happening half a world away yet it affects our sense of equilibrium. It is disturbing to be informed constantly of suffering caused once again by “man’s inhumanity to man.” Caught by surprise we look to our friends and family for comfort and reassurance.  

The right people somehow are there when we need them. And even if we aren’t aware of it, we are also the right person for others shaken up by current events.  

Reminded of the songs of our youth, “This Little Light of Mine…I’m Gonna Let it Shine” and “This Is My Story, This is My Song,” we are led back to our calm centers. We have what we need: we can continue on, shining our lights. 

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To shine may beem like an easy answer to a complex question. Maybe they are. But maybe that is the truth: there is simplicity in the whole situation and we should stop trying to make sense where no sense exists! 

War always was hell and always will continue to be hell. No amount of well-placed words will ever alter the fact that war is still hell.  

Instead of burying ourselves in endless television viewing, now may be the right time to branch out into more attendance in live theater and to more visits to neighborhood bookstores. To shine. Openness to others’ thoughts and ways of reacting to challenging situations that don’t seem to have solutions can possibly help us to both cope and move forward. Many deep breaths and long walks can aid our attempts at openness.  

Resilient and persistent, we can emerge renewed, with gratitude for what we do have.