Letter to the Editor


Reader and Lifestyles After 50 fan Paula Timpson responded to the call to share with us her New Year’s resolution and it is quite a noble one. She shares with us the magical musing to be a child again, to embody the freedom only children can. Here she shares with us her wish for 2017:

This New Year I hope to see myself and everyone else as a child. I find by being a child in my heart I am free and trusting, living more in the moment as children do. To see the good in everyone despite what truly happens is something I want to keep strong. I wish to wake daily believing in each person I meet or simply see that one by one we can all make it a better world to be a part of. In 2017, may I be seven again in spirit, with each day one of wonder and real openness of heart. I believe this is my wish due to the love I have for my son – he inspires me so much and makes me believe this New Year’s resolution can be a reality. Thanks, Paula Timpson

Paula Timpson shares her
New Year’s wish for the courage to live
with the heart of a child and wins tickets to see Shen Yun!


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