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Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld joins country musician Dolly Parton on stage at the Grand Ole Opry during a live broadcast in Nashville, Tenn. on April 23, 2005. Rumsfeld visited Nashville to thank Dolly Parton, the Grand Ole Opry and the American people for their support of our troops. DoD photo by Tech. Sgt. Cherie A. Thurlby, U.S. Air Force.

Reader Kathy Megyeri Shares Her Love For Lifestyles After 50 and Dolly Parton


Reader and Lifestyles After 50 fan Kathy Megyeri thoroughly enjoyed last month’s “Nobody Does It Like Dolly” article so much that she rose to our Letter to the Editor challenge and sent us a thank you note highlighting many of Dolly’s best qualities. Kathy, thank you for your interaction and support!

Thanks to editor Amanda Smith for her article in the November issue entitled “Nobody Does It Like Dolly” as it was so “right on target.” Not only can I bear witness to her outstanding Nov. concert at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, but to the magic of her Tennessee theme park Dollywood especially during the holidays with its lavish productions in multiple theaters, its many restaurants featuring holiday menus, and its museum that houses Dolly’s costumes, wigs, memorabilia, touring bus, and awards. A special section in the museum honors her Imagination Library that holds special meaning for older English teachers like me as each child born in Sevier County, TN receives a book once a month from birth to Kindergarten, a true testament to Dolly’s efforts to improve education. Dolly also personally supervises all restaurants and shows at the theme park including the popular Dixie Stampede venue that features live buffalo, a full-scale rodeo and real Southern cooking served family style. As noted in the editor’s article, this musical powerhouse, so beloved by so many, gave $100,000 to a local birthing unit so local Tennessee women could be aided in delivering their babies close to home. Her Dolly Foundation also provides scholarships to the County’s high school students and in addition to donating computers and supplies to students, she gives $500 checks to middle school students who actually graduate from high school. But what endears her so much to us older women is her continuing work ethic, her inspirational directive to “follow your dream” as she has done, her role modeling behavior, her devotion to her a 50-year marriage, her authorship of numerous books of encouragement, and above all, her amazing sense of humor that all of us should try to emulate for who else but Dolly could claim that it takes a “lot of money to look this cheap”? No wonder we over 50 women loudly sing along with her and really mean it: “I will always love you!”


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