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“Living Coral” is the Pantone Color Institute’s Color of the Year, defined as an “animating and life-affirming shade of orange with a golden undertone.”
Living Coral, Pantone’s Color of The Year

Pantone 16-1546 is found naturally in our spectacular Florida sunsets, as a pop of color in
our gardens, in the seashell that catches our eye. Named for the colonies of marine invertebrates that provide beauty, shelter and protection for a color-filled ecosystem, this shade evokes the plight of the fragile coral reefs struggling to survive amidst unhealthy waters.

You may have already noticed this year’s winner in new décor and furnishings, fashion,
cosmetics and other products such as phones, appliances and tech devices.

To arrive at each year’s color selection, Pantone’s color experts “comb the world looking for new color influences.” World events, artists, pop culture, fashion, design, technology and the environment are all sources of inspiration.

During National Decorating Month, we cheer for our valuable coral reefs and hope their bright, nurturing vibe may find a place in your home, your garden and your heart.
Here are some ideas to create a beautifully-styled room:
▲ Never a wallflower, Pantone
16-1546 provides a stimulating
backdrop for the white sofa and rug         
Colorful spring tulips in old milk bottles
►Colorful coral tulips in glass bottles add a
pop of perk to any décor.
PANTONE 3 Blue Star range
▲We’re guessing BlueStar has a crush on coral – or is its range just blushing?
►This isn’t your Grandma’s coral, but she’d probably love it anyway.
Close up of Orange Red Mushroom Coral (Actinodiscus sp.)
►Living Coral is inspired by the
vividly colored coral reefs – or eye
candy of the sea as some might say.

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