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Join the Florida Silver Haired Legislature

CEO-Executive Director, FSHL, a Florida registered, non-profit organization


The Florida Silver Haired Legislature is a truly unique senior organization chartered in 1978, which holds their annual session at the Capitol in the chambers of the Florida Senate and House in Tallahassee. We have held mock trials at the Florida Supreme Court bench and have passed our own citizen written legislation that has been forwarded to our state and national leaders and passed into law.

Florida State Capitol Building

Our activism has made
a difference in the formation of the Department of Elder Affairs, and in areas such as generic drug availability, consumer protections, assisted living facilities, nursing requirements and safe labeling of meat products. In fact, over 100 of our bills are now the law of the land.


Our oldest active member was 93, our youngest is 62.

Active seniors are encouraged to join this organization as it reorganizes its chapters statewide. This is necessary because over the past few years, age has taken its toll on our long time officers and members who possessed the empirical knowledge and experience this organization requires to make an impact.

We are looking for a transfusion of 60-plus-year-olds who are active and want to partake in a productive organization benefiting not only seniors, but all Florida citizens. We are seeking new members in eleven districts throughout Florida, including Tampa Bay, central Florida and the west-central coast of the state from Ft. Myers up to Crystal River.

Elected in their local chapters, members become Senators and Representatives and attend the annual session in Tallahassee each year. Being a citizen legislator is an experience like no other. Imagine sitting in those big comfortable chairs that our tax dollars pay for while
debating and voting on bills we have authored.

The social aspect is also extraordinary as we make new friends from around the state, we meet with the Governor, Cabinet officers, legislators, and various department secretaries, these activities often garnering media attention.

Special outings have included tours of the Capitol, state buildings and museums;
receptions at the Governor’s Mansion; dinners; and bar-b-ques at the Lt. Governor’s ranch.

So if you are a leadership type or just wish to be an active member of a great group of people who enjoy life, politics and want to make a difference, pick up the phone or e-mail us.

For information, to join, or to contribute, call (727) 585- 1111 or email FSHL2014@aol.com

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