LOVE AFTER 50: Reader Sharon Turner proves new love is right around the corner

Another issue, another love story! Several months after publishing an article on finding love as a widow/widower, countless Lifestyles readers continue to share personal tales of daring to love again. Some reconnect with old flames, some turn to online dating and others literally happen upon new love at their old hometown diner. However they’ve found new romance, and however they’ve lost their previous partners, we are honored to help shatter myths of fear and resolution to a life of loneliness that often plague those who have suffered the devastating loss of a spouse. In tackling a subject that’s very difficult and very real, we are so thankful for readers like Sharon Turner from Ocala, who graciously share stories of rediscovering love – tales that serve as beacons of hope and give a nudge to never stop believing.

Sharon Turner (Ocala, FL) writes:

I was having breakfast at the local diner when a gentleman came in and sat at a table across from me. He was having a hard time deciding what to have, so I suggested the special. We looked in each others eyes and BAM!!!

He had been a widower for eight years and I a widow for seven. Honestly, we both never intended to marry again…but after nine months of courtship and incredible fun, we married!

To find the purest love, the love of our lives at any age is fabulous but to find the perfect partner for easygoing living, traveling and just enjoying each others company is truly miraculous – a blessing from God. We honor that miracle by squeezeing every ounce of joy we can in each and every day we spend together.

Did you find love when you least expected it? Does your story offer hope and inspiration to those who long for romance? Comment below or email your love story to



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