Love is for the young, they say. Love is for the young.
With expectation and anticipation they rush to meet “The One!”
A party here, a blind date there, a chance meeting at a fair.
Is it he? Is it she? Is it the one who lives upstairs?

The excitement of possibilities gives meaning to each day.
Who knows what doors may open? Who knows where love may lay?
On the bus, in a cab, in the hallway, or in the lab,
If you blink your eye, you could miss the guy, and love could pass you by!

Love is for the young, they say. Love is for the young.
But when the young become the old another story can be told.

Love can surprise you when you least expect it.
It comes out of nowhere and you can’t reject it.
Love comes quietly and like a thief in the night
It slips up behind you and turns on your light.

You remember that light from your earlier years.
This time around there aren’t the same fears.
It changes who you are and who you used to be
And suddenly you recognize there’s a “ brand new” me.

Love is for the old, they say. Love is for the old.
Love found in later life, turns silver into gold.

Mary Neacy


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