Make Mother’s Day Memorable

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By Rebecca Fending

Mother’s Day brings families together in honor or remembrance of a beloved motherly figure in the family. With this may come the pressure to get Mother’s Day “right” by choosing a great gift, a fantastic meal, and a perfect day. However, you can combine these elements with any with these unique and original gift ideas. Often times, homemade gifts mean more to our loved ones than purchased presents. Personalized gifts and activities can exemplify your care and appreciation to the recipient.  

Frame a Photo

One of the best (and relatively inexpensive) gift ideas for Mother’s Day is framing a photograph for them. Gifting a framed picture is a great gesture because it’s not only a great sentiment towards family, but it’s something most people typically don’t bother to do for themselves nowadays. With technology and social media, we tend to forget that it’s still nice to have a physical copy of those images that are dear to our heart.   

A Mother’s Day Feast

Another excellent Mother’s Day idea is to cook a meal for the whole family to gather around. Moms are typically the ones who do all of the cooking and cleaning year-round, so treating the mothers in your life to their favorite meal is a great way show your gratitude (and show off your kitchen skills!). Whether it’s breakfast for supper or supper for lunch, treat the mom in your life to your culinary gift.  

Make Mom breakfast to get her day started right. Image from Pixabay

The Pampered Mom

Every mom could use pampering from time to time, whether it be in the way of a facemask or a pedicure. Treat Mom to a surprise salon appointment or put together a customized selfcare basket filled with body and bath products to gift her. After a long day or week, there’s nothing more rejuvenating than a relaxing bath in solitude.  

Homemade Candles

What woman doesn’t love candles? Making your own candle to gift her is a perfect way to find a new hobby and impress your mom. Candles are simple to customize and even easier to make. You can choose the wax type, dye color, and scent to perfectly match her preferences. 

Baked Clay Treasures

This is one gift idea I’ve executed and it was a hit! Forming and baking polymer clay into jewelry, trinket dishes, or coasters is a simple and fun gift for the women in your life. It’s an easy and artsy exercise that pays off big time when Mom sees it. Accent the pieces with paint to make them pop even more! 

These ideas are sure to be a great plan for this Mother’s Day, but be sure to show her the same love and appreciation every day. Plan a monthly outing to the nail salon to spend time with your mother, daughter, or granddaughter. Have a weekly phone call or lunch to catch up, check in, and express their worth in your life. Let the mom in your life know how much you support her.  


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