Gardening Corner – Mama Mango!


Rusty nails and manure! That’s all you need for that mango tree”, a retired farmer told me.

The mango tree measured about 5 feet tall in 2003. I was so naive when I bought it, I believed the salesperson when he said, “You should see mangos in 6 months!”

In 2009 , I reaped one mango and I jumped for joy. In 2010, another lonely mango was harvested. This time I questioned what am I doing wrong; after all I gave it compost and fertilizer.

While visiting an Assisted Living Facility, I met Mr. Raul, who enlightened me about cow manure. Immediately, visions filled my head about me following a cow with a shovel! Thank the universe for bags of Black Kow!

Humans need iron in our systems and so do mango trees. I was told by Mr. Raul to hammer 4 or 5 rusty nails into the mango trunk and I would see lots and lots of mangos.

Shortly after my nail piercing, “green – pealike orbs” showed up. I ran for my camera because I didn’t believe my eyes. I doubted these orbs would ever amount to anything.

Two days later, they were the
size of olives; five days later they
evolved to the size of my fingers.

My babies were flourishing! Mango Mania hit my tree and 4 months later, I harvested six bags of mangoes that each measured approximately 7 inches long! Fast forward into August 2017, Mama Mango stills produces mounds of her delectable fruit.




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