Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – either way you’re right.”

Henry Ford

With the well-documented histories of martial arts, meditation and the placebo effect as its proof, the transcendental maxim “mind over matter” surely exists. Most commonly expressing the idea that our brain can control the perception of physical limitations or physical pain we experience, “mind over matter” has since evolved to encompass a more spiritual meaning. The modern use of “mind over matter” proposes that humans can train themselves to overcome physical, mental and emotional hardships through a peace of mind gained from spiritual balance and/or strenuous mental training.

While the “firewalking” parades of motivational speaker Tony Robbins are far from fake, I’m not rushing to tell those who are physically or mentally struggling that it’s all in their mind. Sure, our attitude influences our physical reality, but just how far does it really extend? In that spirit, we’d like to know if you’re a proponent of “mind over matter” and just how far the idea should be taken.

Do you believe in “mind over matter,” and why or why not? How does it affect your life? Do you have a personal story of experiencing “mind over matter,” and was it something you trained for or did it just occur spontaneously?

With “Mind Over Matter” as the subject line, email an essay or response to editor@lifestylesafter50.com for a chance to be published in April’s issue!



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