Recipe: Garlicky Mashed Cauliflower for Diabetes Awareness

Recipe: Garlicky Mashed Cauliflower for Diabetes Awareness
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By Rebecca Fending 

As Thanksgiving draws near, many of us are already planning the dinner menu for our family and friends. Roasted turkey, green bean casserole and sweet potatoes are all great, but this harvest meal wouldn’t be the same with the soft mess of mashed potatoes on your plate. But with November drawing attention to diabetes with it being National Diabetes Awareness month, it’s a good idea to think about recipes that are diabetes-friendly. Unfortunately, mashed potatoes may not be on the list for anyone who is diabetic or prediabetic. 

National Diabetes Awareness Month is each November. Celebrate with low-carb meals! Image from WEIS Radio.

However, a fantastic alternative to this classic starchy side is mashed cauliflower. This cruciferous substitute not only has low glycemic index, but it’s super healthy! Cauliflowers have potassium, magnesium and calcium, and are rich in vitamin K and C—a vitamin that many of us need especially during this time year. Give this recipe a try to please both those with their health in mind, and guests looking to indulge in classic Thanksgiving foods!

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This recipe serves about 4 people, adjust as needed 

Ingredients for mashed cauliflower: 

-1 head of cauliflower 

-2 tablespoons sour cream, cream cheese or Greek yogurt 

-¼ cup grated Parmesan cheese 

-2 teaspoons garlic powder (adjustable to taste) 

-Salt and pepper to taste 

To make

  1. Trim and chop cauliflower into large florets. You can steam or boil the cauliflower to soften it; 10 minutes for either method.  
  1. Once tender (spear with fork to test), drain/remove vegetable. Let cool slightly. Here, you can either use a food processor, stand mixer or just mash it with a masher. Steps will differ from here. 

For food processor: Place half of the florets in processor and blend until smooth. Keep adding florets until creamy and smooth. Next, add remaining ingredients to taste. Mix until incorporated 

For stand mixer: With the whisk attachment head, place half of cauliflower in mixing bowl and stir/whisk until smooth (you may have to help it along by mashing with a fork.) Keep adding florets until creamy and smooth. Add remaining ingredients to taste and combine until incorporated. 

For hand mashing: Put cooking cauliflower in large mixing bowl and mash with hand masher. Once smooth, add remaining ingredients and continue mashing until smooth. Finish by folding the mixture to ensure a homogenous mix.  

Serve warm, topped with butter and enjoy! 


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