May: A Slice of Advice with Ms. Price 

May: A Slice of Advice with Ms. Price

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Advice from Ms. Price

Dear Ms. Price, 

I am in the process of getting my fourth divorce. As a four-time “loser,” I have been married to the pathological liar, the love-them-until-we’re-married guy (who wouldn’t touch me after we said “I do”), the rage-aholic, and this latest one is still holding a torch for his first wife. 

My question is, how can I meet a man around my age with no bad habits?  

Fifth Times the Charm? 

Dear “Fifth,” 

I think we all would love to meet someone around our age that has no bad habits. I know of no one who fits that bill. 

I would advise you to take a big step back, set an appointment with a patient therapist, and prepare to dig deep. Relationships are mirrors. We attract what we are on the inside. The men that you drew into your life were there for a reason, and that reason is you. This doesn’t make you a “loser.” This makes you human. 

The problem isn’t finding the perfect person. It is impossible to have a healthy relationship with another person until you have a healthy relationship with yourself. The challenge is to love and accept yourself, build a wonderful life, and then have such a full heart that you want to share it with another imperfect human being. Good luck. 

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Dear Ms. Price, 

I’m a 29-year-old guy, six foot two inches, and I am an elite athlete. I own a condo on the beach, own a boat, run my own business and am considered a catch. My mom has been pushing me on women she knows at her synagogue for years, which has always been embarrassing and led to nothing every time. Lately, women have been coming on to me everywhere, wanting to date me, to meet their family, you know the drill.  

I know this must sound like I have a perfect life, and I do, but I’m getting tired of all the women chasing me. How do I get rid of all these hopeful women? 

Bored in Largo 

Dear “Bored,” 

If you talk to them like you just talked to me, you shouldn’t have any problems getting rid of women. 

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