May’s Tech Guide: Cycle with Confidence

Cycling just got a whole lot tech-ier with these incredible apps for Android and iOS.

A classic milestone in American coming of age is that highly-anticipated moment of victory when the training wheels come off your first bicycle. For many children, racing down the street at incalculable speed soon becomes one of life’s greatest joys, and now that they’re all grown up, it’s one of their fondest childhood memories. The nostalgia accompanying a bike ride makes it one of the more feel-good ways to get some exercise, leading many adults to embrace life on two wheels once again. As you find modern cycling is a more technological task than in years past, remember there’s still plenty to smile about, as some of these advancements make our rides safer and more sophisticated. Innovative cycling apps have actually revolutionized the sport, allowing cyclists to easily plan routes, record rides, track training progress and much more. So whether you’re a weekend cruiser or hardcore roadbiker here are our picks for cycling with confidence.

Tech-Strava2Helping cyclists play the social way
Strava, from Strava Labs
Swedish for strive, Strava is the social network for cycling enthusiasts. Since its launch in 2008, millions of cyclists across the world have turned to Strava to track routes via GPS, share photos and videos with fellow users, conquer infamous local Strava Challenges and best of all, compete against themselves. By tracking all your ride stats, Strava helps you see how your latest ride measures up against your rides over time. Free on iOS and Android, Strava’s so popular it’s now a familiar term in the cycling world; its impressive functionality making it the industry standard.



Save maintenance money & ride with total peace of mind.
Bike Doctor, by Lock Stock Sports
To keep your bicycle in perfect condition, download the Bike Doctor – it’s like having a little bike mechanic in your pocket ready to spring to action whenever your need a repair! Whether you’re a novice or training for the Tour de France, Bike Doctor takes the guess work out of the daunting task of proper maintenance and repair. When a bike problem arises, open the app, tap the applicable part of your bike on the screen, and follow detailed steps and images tested for usability on beginners before ever making the cut for the app. Before spending a fortune on maintenance and repair costs, make a $5 Bike Doctor purchase for some serious ROI.


The future of cycling
Cyclemeter by Abvio
For cyclists seeking the most advanced smartphone app ever designed, Cyclemeter takes technologically tracking your training to another level. Built from the ground up for iPhone, iPad, and iCloud, it transforms your iPhone into a full-featured “cycle-computer” that tracks, maps and records your rides, then compiles all your data into impressive graphs and tables offering complex progress status and advice. Simply turn on Cyclemeter when you gear up, and it takes care of the rest, plotting your route and offering speed and distance information in real time if mounted on your handlebars.


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