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With the year more than halfway over, now’s a great time for a Medicare check up and see if you’re up to date on your preventive care appointments.
Medicare offers many preventive tests and screenings, most at no cost to you. These services can help you stay healthy, find health problems early, and prevent certain diseases and illnesses. For example, Medicare covers screenings for diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, colon and breast cancers, and more.
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If you have Original Medicare (Part A and/or Part B), sign in to your account to see a personalized calendar of your current and upcoming preventive services. Don’t have an account yet? It’s free – and easy – to sign up. Visit to get started.
If you’re in a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan, contact your plan for a list of covered preventive services. MA plans must cover all the same preventive services as Original Medicare. Some MA plans may offer additional services.
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