MEMORIAL DAY: Honoring Our Nation’s Heroes

On Memorial Day, we honor service members who have given their lives for our nation. One way our nation pays respect to these heroes is though Social Security benefits.

The loss of a family member can be very difficult in many ways and widows, widowers, and dependent children of service members may be eligible for Social Security survivors’ benefits. Learn more at

Social Security also protects wounded veterans when an injury prevents them from returning to active duty or performing other work. Wounded military service members can also receive expedited processing of their Social Security disability claims. Depending on the situation, some family members of military personnel may be eligible to receive Social Security benefits too. You can get answers to commonly asked questions at

Service members can also receive Social Security in addition to military retirement benefits. Generally, these military retirement benefits do not reduce your Social Security retirement benefit. Learn more about retirement benefits at

You may also want to visit the Military Service page of the Retirement Planner, available at

Service members are also eligible for Medicare at age 65. If you have health insurance from the VA or under the TRICARE or CHAMPVA programs, your health benefits may change, or end, when you become eligible for Medicare. Learn more about Medicare benefits at

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