Mother’s Day Memories 

Mother’s Day Memories

Thumbnail image by Gabriele M. Reinhardt from Pixabay

By Rebecca Fending 

May and Mother’s Day

Here we are at the time of year that seems to confuse us all. Or maybe it’s just me, which is highly likely. But May has always been a strange hybrid month in my mind: it seems as though it should be summer, but according to the Gregorian calendar, it’s just late spring.  

Although the label associated with May is a bit blurry, there’s always been one thing about it that’s sure: Mother’s Day. Each year, the holiday takes center stage for the month. Largely because I’m not sure there’s anything worse than disappointing Mom on such an honoring day. It seems as though it wouldn’t take too much to get the day “right,” but the pressure can be pretty weighty and results in a string of questions: Do we set up a brunch reservation for something different? Or should we go with a tried-and-true favorite of Mom’s? What about an activity, what if the weather isn’t great?  

The list of questions goes on until finally, someone settles or concedes to some suggested plan. All this to say that I’ve found the best Mother’s Day celebrations with my family, and others seem to be the ones spent as quality time and conversation. As families grow and move or careers develop, time becomes precious. It becomes increasingly difficult to get family all in the same space to celebrate. Typically, this happens for the end-of-year holidays, but who’s to say it can’t happen for Mother’s Day, too?  

Growing up, I always had a much smaller family than most of my friends. For all birthdays, holidays and any other celebratory event, our family has been a party of six: my mother’s parents, my parents, my brother and myself. Although that may seem like an extraordinarily small number or one that seems insufficient, I can assure you that it never was and never will be. Really, it’s been a blessing because figuring out planned events has always been extremely easy! 

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Mother’s Day in my family is typically spent as a lunch outing, followed by a family hangout at home with games, music and laughter. It may not seem like much when explained in such plain terms, but gatherings like Mother’s Day I have always held near and dear to me. It’s one of the many times I reflect on fond memories and always look forward to the next gathering.  

Not only is Mother’s Day a wonderfully family-oriented occasion, but it seems to be the start of the busy season: summer. The warm season brings about travel opportunities, outdoor activities and a general boost in serotonin thanks to our friend, the Sun. That second Sunday in May always brings the promise of simple, child-like fun in the summer sun. From swimming to enjoying a balmy evening with family and friends, the next few months are some of my favorites.  

No matter how you plan to spend Mother’s Day or the month of May as a whole, take care, and we’ll see you in June!