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Summer is the time for beach reads, and one of my recent favorites is John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley in Search of America in which the author and his poodle travel in a makeshift camper all over the country. Turns out, Steinbeck and I have a lot in common.

First, we are both writers. Secondly, he was the owner of a Standard Poodle, as am I. And third, we both love road trips.

My dog, Marcell, also digs travel. Merely saying, “Wanna go for a ride?” sets his tail a-wagging. Unlike most humans, he anticipates the ride more than the destination.

Poodles are said to be the second most brilliant dog on the planet, after Border Collies.
Marcell proves that point.

His favorite writer is the late Stephen Hawking, an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist
and author. As I sat reading my Little Golden Book, The Monster at the End of this Book, Marcell was reading Hawking’s A Brief History of Time, all about the Big Bang and black holes.

As Marcell read, I could hear an occasional “Mmrph! Mgmmm. Grmph!” which means (for
the poodle-language-impaired), “That is so wrong!” “Stephen, you idiot!” and, “What were you thinking?”

Beautiful Marcell laying beside a pile of books.

Marcell has requested that after
graduation from obedience school,
he’d like me to enroll him in driver’s education training. He wants to pen a book entitled Travels with Michael and go all over the country exploring the different smells that he’s only
heard about from other dogs. I
agreed since I no longer enjoy driving because of my impaired vision.

I told him I’d even buy him a little chauffer’s cap to wear. He’ll wear it well. He looks so handsome and regal after being trimmed. I visualize myself sticking my head out of
the window, lapping at the wind, just for his amusement.

Yesterday he had his road map out, plotting human-friendly restaurant stops along the way. He hasn’t yet mastered the GPS. Perhaps someday.


We’ve just returned from our morning walk. I’m sitting in the recliner with Green Eggs and Ham opened. Marcell looks at me with a sneer and says, “Grumph glermgh yowmpg,”
which is poodle for “Why don’t ya put on your big boy glasses and tackle East of Eden or The Grapes of Wrath?

Sometimes it just takes a dog to lead the way.


Michael Wright can be observed walking Marcell throughout Mulberry
as the clever canine sets an example for others by putting his dog waste
in a plastic bag. Maybe he can train some humans too. Have your dog
contact him at

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