National Martini Day: 7 Great Places to Celebrate

National Martini Day: 7 Great Places to Celebrate
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By Rebecca Fending

Martinis are the classic, simplistic yet upscale drink when it comes to ordering at a bar or restaurant. Whether you prefer it stirred or shaken, dry or dirty, vodka or gin, this beverage is perfectly customized to your taste. This year, the stars seem to have aligned as National Martini Day is on a Friday, June 19. If you’re looking for your new favorite martini spot, look no further; these seven hot spots have you covered when it comes to your favorite cocktail, no matter how you like it.

Blue Martini Lounge, Naples

Whether you’re looking for outdoor dining or a lively night in front of the stage featuring live entertainment, Blue Martini Lounge is the place to be. There’s never a dull moment here between flowing drinks and the busy Naples nightlife. Their menu is rife with signature martinis and cocktails that you can’t find anywhere else, including a lychee martini which pairs the sweet floral taste of the lychee fruit with fresh pineapple.

The lounge also serves a variety of different foods, from fresh salads to their “Lollipop Lamb Chops”, there’s something for everyone in your party here. Happy hour starts at 4 pm everyday.

Blue Martini Florida, 2015 Lighting by Tom Griffin, Griffin Automation

Blasé Café & Martini Bar, Sarasota

Owned and run by Cynthia Breslin since 1997, the Blasé Café is anything but “blasé”, as it’s been a local favorite for great food and even better drinks, including signature martinis. Their extensive menu ranges from killer shareable dishes such as fresh made tomato bruschetta, tiramisu donuts or pizzas to warm sandwiches and burgers. Their impressive martini menu includes a strawberry shortcake martini, made with vanilla flavored vodka, strawberry syrup and cream.

The fun doesn’t stop there, they also have unique cocktails made with local liquors such as the Siesta Killer, made with Siesta Key toasted coconut rum. Wines, beers and packaged liquors also grace the menu and promise a good time in store for guests.

"Siesta Killer", image from Blasé Café & Martini Bar website.
“Siesta Killer”, image from Blasé Café & Martini Bar website.

The Firestone Skybar, Fort Myers

Waterfront. Rooftop. Bar. Is there anything else we need to say to get you here? The Firestone Skybar and Martini Bar is the definition of “different” when it comes to martini bars as its four story structure sits right on the water of downtown Fort Myers. Be warned, although the views from the rooftop are breathtaking, the lively, hip atmosphere of this place isn’t for the faint of heart. Local and celebrity DJs mixed with good food and strong drinks are what draw most folks to this place.

Their martini list includes gourmet and distinctive ingredients such as their signature Firestone Classic Martini that includes all the expected fixings for a martini and is served in its own shaker. Others include ingredients such as a house-made honey simple syrup, tequila as the base liquor or balsamic reduction. If you find yourself in the Fort Myers, be sure to stop by Firestone and give their menu a try.

Image from TripAdvisor.

GIO Fabulous Pizza & Martini Bar, Bradenton

What pairs better with any drink other than pizza? GIO Fabulous Pizza & Martini Bar has the best of both culinary worlds when it comes to food and drink. From specialty pizzas like their Prosciutto Pizza and flatbreads to rich pasta dishes, this place has it all. Their martinis are just as impressive as their food menu with variations like their Twilight Martini made with fresh guava nectar. They are currently offering carry out, and a night in with any of their menu items is just what the doctor ordered.

Sixty East Italiana Cucina & Martini Bar, Ellenton

This locally owned restaurant mixes eccentric food and drinks with classic to create a one-of-a-kind experience for their guests. Sixty East features dishes from Penne a la Vodka to their new Braised Short Rib Honey Pizza. Much like our other listed restaurants, there’s something for everyone here, but unlike a few others, this family-friendly restaurant is a bit more low-key if you’re just looking for great food and better drinks.

Their martini menu consists of a number of different cocktails, including cosmopolitans, tequila-based martinis and their Ultimate Bloody Mary. Sixty East also has hybrid cocktails such as their Strawberry Mojito Martini, made with rum, lime juice and fresh mint. Plan a visit to experience a refreshing and distinctive Sixty East meal.

Image from Sixty East’s website.

No matter how you want or plan to spend National Martini Day, be sure to enjoy yourself while still abiding by recommended social distancing standards as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Have fun and stay safe.


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