4 Powerful Natural Prostate Remedies For Seniors

3 Powerful Natural Prostate Remedies For Seniors

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By Rebecca Fending

Aging has its pros and cons, the “cons” mostly stemming from health issues. For men over 50, enlarged prostate symptoms can prove to be among the most difficult health issues to deal with. Here are a four powerful, all-natural means of remedying enlarged prostate symptoms.

All-Natural Prostate Remedies

Stinging Nettle

Used during medieval times as a diuretic and to alleviate joint pain, this herb has also been used to treat prostate issues.

According to Mount Sinai, stinging nettle is used as a supplement to treat prostate issues due to its similar qualities with finasteride, which helps to shrink enlarged prostates. However, this herb does not shrink the prostate, it only reduces symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Although researchers aren’t sure how exactly stinging nettle helps with BPH, many have speculated that it has to do with its effect on testosterone and estrogen levels within the body.

Studies have shown that when used in conjugation with saw palmetto, the two supplements help reduce the urinary issues associated with an enlarged prostate.

Saw Palmetto leaves. Image from Southern Living

Saw Palmetto

This palm grows in the Southern coastal regions of the U.S., including the southeastern coast of Florida! The berries from these palms are actually what constitutes the saw palmetto supplements commonly used to help treat urinary issues in men with enlarged prostates. Saw palmetto can help people with a variety of urinary and bladder-related issues, including urinary tract infections. In some studies, it’s been shown that saw palmetto can help inhibit the grown of tumor cells, possibly helping those with prostate cancer.

What saw palmetto seems to do is reduce inflammation within the body, aiding in reducing the size of enlarged prostates. Although evidence doesn’t cite just how common success is, this natural supplement is well worth a try. However, be sure to check with your doctor before beginning a saw palmetto regimen.

Pygeum africanus. Image from Wikipedia


Another popular herbal remedy for enlarged prostates, pygeum may help in reducing the size of prostates to combat urinary issues. This tree’s bark is used to create supplements to help men reduce their number of trips to the bathroom, both day and night.

According to a study from the Center for Chronic Disease Outcomes Research in Minneapolis, it was found to be successful in reducing prostate size. Although small in size, this study saw men taking pygeum were more than twice as likely to exhibit improved symptoms than those who were not taking the supplement.

Timothy grass, a component of rye grass pollen extract. Image from Pixabay

Rye Grass Pollen Extract

Made with grass pollen from rye, timothy and corn, rye grass pollen extract has shown to help reduce nighttime urinary symptoms in men suffering with BPH. This supplement combats three major symptoms of enlarged prostates: increases male hormone testosterone, relax the muscles of the tube through which urine flows (urethra), and improve how well the bladder can force urine out.

As with any supplement or all-natural remedy, be sure to check with your doctor before experimenting with any of these options for improving your prostate condition.


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