New book out by Lifestyles’ columnist Teri Pizza

Lifestyles After 50’s resident produce expert Teri Pizza, recently published her second book sharing extensive knowledge on how to select, prepare and benefit from nature’s bounty. Not specifically vegan or vegetarian, ENJOY! Recipes for Fresh Produce, offers over 200 recipes for enjoying fruits and vegetables in everything from enticing appetizers to decadent desserts. Much like she does every month for Lifestyles, (see her May article on blueberries in this issue) Teri spotlights 70 different items of fresh produce, helping readers learn more about how these gems from the garden keep us healthy. Presenting produce in alphabetical order, beginning with Apple and ending with Zucchini, ENJOY! is a must-have reference book for any kitchen.



Order Teri Pizza’s new book today – ENJOY! Recipes for Fresh Produce is available online at


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