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Why on earth would any senior want to buy a cat? These are the days when we’re trying to simplify our lives and save money. Animal food and cat litter costs add up. Veterinarian bills can be devastating.

That’s what we kept telling ourselves – but it didn’t work.

A few months ago, the Joy of My Life ordered a Sphynx kitten from the Internet. I was determined not to like him. When we met him at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport in November, I immediately fell in love.

He has the classic Sphynx personality – a combination of a monkey, gymnast and two-year-old child. He is silly and fearless. I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard since I first saw Harvey Korman and Tim Conway do their dental chair bit.

He is beautiful too – a chocolate tabby with large, round lemon colored eyes; big perky ears and fur that feels like a chinchilla.

Fur you say? Aren’t Sphynx hairless? Jake is a second-generation Sphynx, which means he is a Sphynx crossbreed. Out crossing is done to
enhance the health and broaden the gene pool. It takes several generations of out crossing to
get the hairless look.

Males of the species are the most affectionate
while the females are witchy primadonnas.

Jake must be part Cheetah
because he is the fastest animal
on the planet. Entering or exiting our house takes some quick maneuvering on our part. He can streak out the door in a flash before you even realize it. Fortunately, he stops at the edge of the pavement and flattens down on the ground without going any further.

Several times he’s been caught by the tail which is as long as the rest of his body. If it pops off, he soon grows another one like a lizard. (This part I say this in jest, but wouldn’t that
be cool?)

This little charmer enjoys chasing milk bottle caps, long walks on the beach at sunset and listening to music, preferably Cat Stevens.

I had forgotten how sharp needle like kitten claws could be. They don’t merely scratch. If you are taking baby aspirin or any blood-thinner, they will lay you open.

There’s much more I could tell you about Jake, but it will have to keep until another time. My arm is getting numb and I need to awaken my honey so she can loosen my tourniquet.


Michael Wright lives in Mulberry
Florida. You can share pet stories or
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