Octogenarian’s Poetry Accepted into Library of Congress

Angelina Steiner
Plant City poet Angelina Steiner, 82, and her son, Eddie Steiner, who designed the covers for her two poetry books that were accepted into the Library of Congress

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Angelina Pennisi Steiner, an 82-yearold resident of Plant City, has written two books of poetry. Her first book, Chasing Dreams, was published in 2014 and is archived in the Library of Congress.

Recently, she learned her second book, Beautiful Words Coming My Way, has also been accepted into the Library of Congress.

The books are the accumulation of more than 60 years of poems written by Steiner and focus on a wide range of topics, from family life to children’s poems and fantasy.

Steiner wrote them for personal use and never intended to publish her work. Her daughter, Chris Steiner, found the poems in a dresser and pursued publication. The books covers are illustrated by her son, Eddie Steiner.

The octogenarian shares her poems weekly at the St. Clemente Senior Center in Plant City.

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