Part 2 of the TOP 15 Viral Products You’ll Want To Get for Everybody On Your Holiday List

Here are the next 5 of the top 15 coolest, wildest, and smartest products available to the public in 2017. These gadgets and gizmos have been selling like crazy all year long. With the holidays approaching, this list will make your shopping easier because you’ll find the perfect “must-have” device for everybody on your list.

Many of them are products you’d never even expect to go viral, but they sold millions worldwide! Not only can you read about them here, you can click the links provided if you want to order them, without having to pick up the phone. . .or even leaving your house.

6. SmartCam — Catch a Thief

It’s a phone charger. It’s also a secret camera, putting eyes in your home when you’re away, or in your hotel room when you’re not there, or in your office while you’re out. You can see what’s happening while you are not present. It’s unfortunate that some people are not honest. (Ever come across one of them?) Now you can catch them with SmartCam. Thieves won’t pay it any attention because the device looks like a regular phone charger. You can even use it to watch your kids. Its clever design requires no batteries and when the memory fills, the SmartCam will automatically begin recording over the oldest (and therefore unneeded) videos. If you travel overnight, work in an office with others, or use cleaning people, get the peace of mind SmartCam offers. Over 300 users give SmartCam 5 stars.

7. TC1200 Flashlights — Long-Lasting Bright Light

After the recent hurricanes, thousands were left in the dark. Some folks had light for a few days. And then there were those who ordered TC1200 flashlights. 800 lumens of light filled their homes. (That’s strong enough to light up a field or stop an attacker in his tracks.) These little light canons are what the U.S. Navy Seals and the U.S. Coast Guard use. When these lights were introduced to the public, they became a viral sensation. 3 AAA batteries keep them going for 1000 hours, and that kept the families stuck in hurricane zones in comfortable light for almost six weeks. Then there’s the important every-day use. Ed from Newark gave his TC1200 flashlight 5 stars and wrote, “This flashlight saved my day several times while on the road. I’m a truck driver, and this became the most important piece of equipment I own.”

8. Trusty Charge — Portable Charger/Radio

After the hurricanes, another item was in high demand. The Trusty Charge. Can you imagine being cut off without phone, radio, electricity, or information? It is terrifying, and even scarier if you know a loved one is in that situation. To have a device that can keep you connected and keep you informed even without electricity in this type of situation is priceless. Priceless. The Trusty Charge offers:


  • Radio to hear news and directions
  • Flashlight
  • Ports to charge phones and devices
  • Solar charging power
  • Hand cranking power
  • Water resistant design


As the world gets crazier, these little lifesavers are selling like crazy. Get yours before they’re gone, and enjoy the peace of mind knowing it’s there if you need it.

9. Suzy Bra — Wow!

A good bra is hard to find. Right? If you are not 100% completely comfortable with your bra, you are not alone. 8 in 10 women say their bra lets them sag or complain the straps get overstretched. It does not have to be this way. The Suzy Bra attaches perfectly. Not only does it offer wonderful support, it makes you appear one cup size bigger and looks great from behind because there are no straps. That means no stretching and no clasps to deal with. You won’t slip out — even if you’re dancing or bending over— because this bra (that was designed by a woman, thank you very much) is made to hold everything in place. One size fits all to give you the support and comfort you deserve.

10. Wow Fix It — Screen Savior

From the time the phone slips from your hand until it smashes on the ground feels like forever. The only event that seems longer is when you reach to pick up the fallen phone to turn it over and survey the damage. Long seconds indeed, leading to the unhappy discovery of a cracked or shattered screen. Those days are over. There is new technology now that protects your screen from falls. Over 4 million sold in the first few months and sales are going strong. Wow Fix It is a truly remarkable chemistry composition that uses nanotechnology and protects screens, from phones to tablets and laptops. Easy to apply, tough to destroy. Every screen needs this, especially your phone’s.

Keep an eye out tomorrow for the final 5 of the top 15 coolest, wildest, and smartest products available to the public in 2017



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